Advice on strategic investments

G.I.A. – Gerhold Investment Advisors supports and advises its clients on the development and implementation of long-term investment strategies. Our extensive expertise in the efficient structuring of appropriate investment vehicles in the light of regulatory requirements together with our direct access to different investment objectives and assets makes us an interesting and sought-after partner.

As independent owner-managed advisors, we are free from potential conflicts of interests and serve solely the interests of our clients. We know from experience that it is crucial to identify and define right at the beginning of a new partnership together with our clients the long-term risk/reward target being sought from an investment strategy. We then see this as the basis for determining the correct asset class and, where necessary, the appropriate regulatory structures, the efficient tax orientation and, hence as the overall result, the suitable long-term investment strategy.

We are also pleased to advise our clients on the selection of the managers best suited for implementing a defined investment strategy.

As investment advisors, we work with institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds and schemes, private and regional banks as well as single and multi-family offices primary in the German-speaking region but also from London.