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G.I.A. – Gerhold Investment Advisors is a Munich-based asset manager and investor specialising in alternative, non-liquid investments. We concentrate on private debt and private equity. We advise national and international investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, pension schemes and banks as well as family offices and corporate asset funds in all questions relating to investment strategy, asset allocation and the execution of dedicated investments.

Backed by a management team with a track record spanning more than 25 years in all aspects of equity and debt finance for German SMEs, we are an experienced and highly reliable partner for our investors, companies and their shareholders.

Our strength is based on our long-standing transaction experience and broad expertise in different investment situations. Over the last 15 years or so, the management team have collected, managed and invested total capital of more than €1 billion. In this context, our independence and entrepreneurial spirit forms a key element of our success.

We offer our services in the following areas:

  • Private debt – we offer senior secured loans via the AkquiVest Fund, which has capital of € 500 million. Investment solutions for junior finance including structured mezzanine finance are provided via our individual investor network.
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  • Private equity – we identify, structure and manage private equity investments offering development potential.
    As a private equity investor, we operate via Gerhold Beteiligungs GmbH in close cooperation with experienced entrepreneurs and family offices as co-investors.

  • Investment advisory – we offer advice on strategic investment situations for national and international investors, particularly insurance companies, pension funds and schemes, banks, family offices and corporate asset funds.

AkquiVest € 500 million Fund

With capital of € 500 million, the AkquiVest Fund is organised as a SICAV in accordance with Luxembourg law. It is being used by a highly renowned German insurance group to pursue a long-term conservative and highly solid investment approach. We invest in new and existing leveraged finance situations in the German SME segment. AkquiVest GmbH, a company owned by Munich-based G.I.A. – Gerhold Investment Advisors, acts as the investment and portfolio advisor for this fund.

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Private Debt

Solutions for senior loans via the AkquiVest fund and for junior loans and mezzanine finance via our individual network of investors.

Private Equity

Solutions for entrepreneurial, individual and bespoke private equity investments in small and medium-sized German enterprises.

Investment Advisory

Advice on strategic investment situations for national and international investors.

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